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Exhaust Systems

Tail Pipe Trims

For many people the tail pipes are an important part of any exhaust system simply because everything else is out of sight and they alone provide a visual impression to the outside world.

Our complete systems include polished tailpipes that we feel compliment the rest of the product but this can be very much a matter of personal opinion. Some people don’t want tail pipes that look overtly different, some prefer them to be different but subtle, whilst others may want them to be outrageous.

A selection of tail trims.

We can therefore offer a number of alternatives in terms of style and size for many of our systems. Options include round, oval or square; rolled in, rolled out, or sawn, all at various angles; various sizes from reserved to absurd; and finally single or dual outlet. The photographs below show some examples. Pricing may vary depending on the choice.

Standard or large tails for XJ6/XJ12.

XJS facelift.

XJS large tails.

Twin tail rear boxes – XJS/XJRS.

XJS 6L – an alternative.